About us

Trusted Quality since 1977

Since our inception, our core emphasis has been on Quality, Nutritious, Fresh Eggs.

Today, we carry the proud mantle of being a household name in Bahrain when it comes to farm-fresh table eggs.

Our pride and purpose is reinforced every time we see someone ask for ‘Baid al Bahraini Taazaj’. We live our purpose here. We are guided by our core principles of trusteeship, transparency, empowerment, accountability and corporate citizenship. It is these principles that outline our strategic direction and are reflected in our vision, mission & values at all times.

GPC Building

“Our vision is to be Bahrain’s #1 Fresh Table Egg Choice”

Our Mission

Deliver best table egg quality and service to our customers and our consumers
Be a major contributor to Bahrain’s Food Safety Program
Generate return to our shareholders
Create rewarding work environment to our employees
Offer a safe & friendly environment for our neighborhood & employees

Our Values

Our work culture is driven by values which have been ingrained in the hearts and minds of every team member since the inception of our company. These are enshrined in our work ethics and we share the same with our customers, associates, partners, vendors and with each other


We meet challenges with creativity and optimism. We seek the best and commit to it.


Work with the highest levels of integrity and honesty and act with responsibility.


Respect for the community and the environment we operate in is rooted in our culture.


We feel, act and behave as one team. We communicate, listen and collaborate.


We embrace leadership at every level. We take the initiative & unite around clear ambitious goals

Food Safety and Biosecurity

Nutritious whole grain chicken feed

Food Safety

GPC farm fresh table eggs are laid by hens have access to fresh clean water and an exceptionally nutritious vegetarian diet for health and vigor. We monitor our farms’ air and water quality, temperature and lighting 24/7 to create a safe and hygienic environment for our birds. Safety protocols are followed in every stage of production, processing, handling, storage and transportation to ensure the safety of eggs and reduce the risk of harmful food borne bacteria.

GPC Bio Security

We follow the highest standards of biosecurity in our farms

Biosecurity Protocols

Keeping our hens healthy is our top priority. We do this by following stringent biosecurity practices and vigilant monitoring of the health of our hens. We have invested in advanced biosecurity protocols and work to ensure compliance by all employees and service providers. On-farm biosecurity measures include prevention of access to rodents and other wild birds, limiting access to essential personnel, disinfecting vehicles that enter the farms, wearing designated clothing and utilizing footbaths.

Our Certifications

Our farms enjoy a reputation for producing a choice of nutritious, wholesome, quality table eggs for our consumers. GPC has consolidated its position as the leading producer of fresh table eggs in Bahrain through constant endeavors to add value. Key milestones are the achievement of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, 45001 and ISO 22000 international quality certifications received. Adoption of these quality systems enables GPC to follow global standards and processes in consistently and continuously deliver fresh nutritious quality eggs within 24 hours of production.

GPC Certifications
GPC Certifications

Corporate Governance Code

At General Poultry Company (GPC), we are committed to the principles of the Corporate Governance Code issued by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism in 2018. The Code provides guidance to companies on the best ways to manage, lead, organize and monitor their businesses through a series of transparent, clearly defined policies, processes and procedures aimed at building a strong, transparent and competitive national economy.