Same great taste and flavor in 3 convenient packs

Eggs for everyone

At GPC, we understand our loyal users’ lead different lifestyles and buy eggs based on their quantity preferences. Our farm-fresh table eggs are available in convenient pack sizes of 6s, 15s and 30s designed around your lifestyle and dietary intake. So, whether you are a light, moderate or a heavy user of eggs, we have a pack size that perfectly meets your needs.

6s Pack
15s Pack
30s Pack
Vitamin D Enriched

Fresh from our farm. To your table. Every day.

Our farms are located in Bahrain. Which means that when you buy farm-fresh Bahraini Eggs, they come straight from our farm to your table, all in the span of a few hours. To ensure our eggs reach you in fresh and perfect condition, they are collected every day, graded, time stamped and packed, before being carefully transported in a temperature controlled environment to your local supermarket. Our locally grown farm fresh eggs are available in packs of 6s, 15s and 30s and can be found across all retail channels in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Each one of our eggs is date stamped that lets you know when it was laid for that guarantee of freshness. By Q1, 2021, you will also find them in your neighborhood grocery store as we roll out our distribution network.